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Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is a common problem which affects work performance, sleep and school attendance. It has significant medical costs. We at the Chest Care Clinic, Kharghar specialize with the diagnosis and treatment of allergic lung and nose problem.

Intercostal Drainage Tube

Intercostal Drainage (ICD) is a tube placement inside the chest to allow fast removal of fluid and the pus accumulating inside the pleural space. The lung is covered on outside by a covering called pleura. The chest wall (muscles) are covered on the inside by another layer of pleura

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is a treatment that provides you with extra oxygen. Oxygen is a gas that your body needs to function. Normally, your lungs absorb oxygen from the air you breathe. But some conditions can prevent you from getting enough oxygen such as interstitial lung disease or Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Flu Shot

Flu Shots are preventive towards flu infection which may lead to dangerous complication like pneumonia and lists as preventable cause of hospitalization and death. It is more effective and cost effective compared to treatment for the same.


Allergy is an interaction of the immune system and the environment of the person. It is increasingly seen in the urban climate with the changing ways of living. There is a better diagnosis and treatment option available today than ever before.


Bronchoscopy is a procedure to pass a light tip tube (bronchoscope) to visualise abnormality in the lungs / bronchi. It is to identify problems in the lung. Usually it is done to looks at cancers / tuberculosis and other lung problems not picked up on the CT scan / x-ray.

Allergy Skin Testing

Skin prick testing or SPT demonstrates an allergic response to a specific allergen. In conjunction with an allergy focused history, SPT can help to confirm the presence of an allergy to either a food or inhaled substance (allergen).

Pleural Tapping

Pleural tapping also called Thoracocentesis,pleurocentesis is a procedure needing removal of fluid from the chest for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. There is usually fluid / air in the space called as the pleural space due to disease like pneumothorax, infections and cancers.

Allergy shots / SCIT?

An allergy is an inappropriate reaction by your immune system to harmless substances that are around you for long
times every day. These substances can trigger sneezing and nasal blockade runny nose (Allergic rhinitis) , wheezing, coughing (Allergic Asthma), itching and severe, potentially fatal Reactions (Anaphylaxis /Urticaria).


Sleep study or polysomnography is a test to evaluate the details of the sleep state of the individuals. It helps evaluate changes in the unconscious mind and body that are recorded for doctor’s review. It has been advices to answer specific questions that the doctor wishes to understand in detail before starting on relevant treatment. 


Spirometry is a test that can help
diagnose various lung conditions,
most commonly chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease
(COPD). Spirometry is also used
to monitor the severity of some
interstitial Lung disease and
Asthma, and their response to


The lung is covered with a tissue called the pleura. The inside of the chest is also lined with pleura. The space between these two areas is called the pleural space.
Thoracoscopy is a procedure to pass a small metallic tube into the chest from outside by a small cut to visualise the problem on the lung from outside / surface.

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